I'm an executive career coach, leadership development consultant. I'm interested all things at the intersection of leadership and communications. I blog about it here and at pure-jobs.com/blog. I work with CEOs, senior leaders and teams at companies ranging from small, private businesses to the Fortune 50. I enjoy hearing new ideas! Send any articles, tips or cool thoughts on leadership my way.

5 Benefits of Working as a Medical Scribe

If a career in healthcare sounds like the right path for you, its vital that you gain the right experience, ...

How to pick the best software for recruitment agencies

What do you want to get out of recruitment software? Begin your search by putting this question to your recrui...

2 Ways to Take Your Restaurant Business to the Top of the Food Chain

You didnt start your own restaurant just to see it struggle for survival at the bottom of the food chain. You...

Five Useful Teaching Tips for Effective Learning

Whether you are a college, high school, or elementary school teacher, youll probably admit that teaching is n...

How to Ensure Maximum Efficiency in the Workplace

 As a business owner, youre most likely aware that creating a streamlined working environment comes ...

How to stand out on Linkedin

Sites like TotallyHired list huge numbers of job opportunities that a potential candidate can review and, when...

How to Land Your Dream Job in the Field of Human Resources

With so many exciting career prospects out there today, it can be rather tricky to find that one career path t...

What To Look Out For When Applying For Jobs

When applying for a job, whether youre looking for your first opportunity or youve been working for several ...

Tips For Designing Your Resume

Your resume is a vital marketing tool as it tells your story in a way that makes potential employers want to m...

Top Tips for Hiring Talented Construction Workers

One of the hardest parts of running a business can be the recruitment process. Looking for the right people t...

3 Ways To Attract The Right Employees

When you run a successful business there will come a time when you need to make a decision – do you lim...

How to Return to the Workplace After a Long Absence

If you have been away from the workplace for a while and you want to re-enter it, it can be an extremely daunt...

Explaining Gaps In Employment On Your CV

Do you have gaps in your CV, do you know how to explain gaps in your employment? Most of us take time off from...

Finding Your Way Back into Work – What You Need to Know

When you have taken time out of the workplace for a while, it can feel like climbing a mountain to start look...

7 Hacks to Optimize your Resume to Get Noticed

Im a full-time recruiter with 7 years of working with job-seeking applicants across many different fields. I...

Time Saving Tips to Speed up Your Job Search

Finding a job might take too long and this is enough to make anyone lose hope. If you feel like your job searc...

The Top 4 Physician Job Boards in the US

Physician job boards are plentiful and there are a number on the web of varying quality. However, here is our ...

Meditation In The Workplace - Creating Space And Relaxation

​Stress is one of the most dangerous epidemics in the workplace, and companies can tackle it head-on by impl...

How an AAT Qualification Can Provide a Clear Path into the Accounting Industry

​Every company, from small one man entities to global corporations, needs a finance/accounting department. I...

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